833TNT Monoblock Amplifier

An Encounter WithPerfection

Specifications & Features

The 833TNT is the ultimate marriage of astounding audio transparency and stunning physical design. The product of over two years of work by a team of eight audio, electronics, and design engineers, this is the only 833C push-pull amplifier being manufactured in the world today.

Tube Compliment: 2x 833C, 2x 6550, 2x12BH7
Completely Tube & Transformer coupled audio path
Microprocessor controlled and monitored electronics system
Unique Graphical User Interface Control/Ethernet controllable interface
Main power: 95V to 260V, 50Hz-60Hz (13A nominal current @ 120V)
Custom Switching Power supplies throughout
Liquid Cooled technology to aid in heat dissipation
200 watts RMS
Frequency Response: 15Hz - 25kHz
Inputs:(1)300ohm Balanced XLR/(1)20k ohm
Unbalanced HI-Z RCA
Output:8Ω and 4Ω, Using high quality WBT™ binding posts
System Gain: 33.83 dB
Zero negative feedback
Custom designed Machine-Age, Art-Deco enclosure
Beautifully finished with polished, matte and gloss surfaces
The tubes are encased in thermal resistant borosilicate glass
Total weight 160lbs/72.6kg
Dimensions [WxHxD]: 17x18.1x25IN/432x460x635mm